Gary's Woodshop

Let me introduce you to Gary's Woodshop and Gary Girton; my husband and companion of 15 years. Gary is an accomplished wood worker who turns all types of wood, acrylic, horns, and antlers. Segmented turning is another one of his specialties. At Girtie’s you will find his special sewing tools on display, reasonably priced to entice you to add these unique items to your quilting tool belt. You will find seam rippers (single and double), stiletto/seam ripper combo, needle cases, individual ironing boards, magnetic bowls for pins, bobbin boxes and more. He will also customize a “big board” for your ironing board that will stay in place and not move.

If you need a special gift for the non-quilter, we have a selection of bowls, bread boards, pots with lids, plus all types of pens, pencils, combo sets, key chains, shaving sets, bottle stoppers, and perfume containers. Be sure to check out the Gary#8217;s Woodshop room in the shop for unique gifts and tools.

Check our Online Store to view many of the wonderful and unique items made by Gary. Word of warning - if you see something you like, jump on it while you can! Remember, many of Gary's handmade items cannot be duplicated exactly due to the nature of the materials he works with. Most of the items on Gary's page of our online store have a quantity of ONE! Which means that at any time, the item you have been looking at may be getting purchased by someone else and is no longer available!

If you are interested in an item you have seen on Gary's page that is no longer listed or a quilter's tool that isn't shown, send us an email or fill out the inquiry form below and we'll see what we can do to get you that special gift!


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