Quilt Care

The following information is courtesy of Quiltmaker/Creative Crafts Group LLC

Treating your new quilt with a little tender loving care will keep it looking new for years to come.

  1. Displaying Your Quilt
    Avoid displaying the quilt in direct sunlight to keep colors from fading.
  2. Cleaning Your Quilt
    Treat any stains immediately with small, equal amounts of mild soap and water.
    If washing is necessary, use the delicate/gentle cycle - preferably with a front-loading machine. Wash the quilt by itself using lots of cold water and a mild laundry detergent. Adding 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the wash water will keep the colors bright. Rinse in cold water. Use the spin cycle to remove excess water.
    Spread out a clean sheet and lay the quilt flat on top of the sheet to dry. Never line dry and do not wring. If it can't lay flat, dry the quilt on low heat in a dryer for the first few minutes and finish by air drying.
  3. Storing Your Quilt
    To store, fold or roll the quilt loosely to prevent creases and wrap in a cotton sheet or pillowcase. Every few months, open up the quilt and let it air for 2-3 hours. Refold, changing the position of the creases.

    It is best to store the quilt in dark, dry places. Do not store in plastic, cardboard boxes or trunks.

The Care of Grandmas and Quilts

Vintage textiles are a lot like our Grandmothers. They can be very fragile and need to be protected if we want to enjoy them for years to come. Their age lines only add to the charm and beauty. Treat your quilts like you could treat a cherished grandmother …

- Don't let them live in a damp basement, a hot attic or the trunk of your car
Quilts and grandmas like to be where we are. The best storage place is on the living area of your home, on a bed, displayed on a rack or folded gently on a shelf. Wrap the folded quilts in muslin or a new pillowcase to protect them from dust and sunlight.

- Don't expose Grandma or the quilts to direct sunlight
Grandma will burn and quilts will fade.

- Never hang Grandma from a nail or stick her with pins or staples
When hanging or displaying your quilts, be sure to avoid direct contact with wood (the acids will leave stains), plastic films and/or adhesive tapes. A fabric sleeve securely attached to the back will distribute the weight more evenly across the length of the quilt.

- Don't put Grandma or your quilts into the washing machine
A gentle wash in the bathtub is more appropriate for both! Rarely do quilts need to be washed and care should be taken to avoid repeated exposure to moisture. Gently vacuum your quilts to remove any dust. Allow them to air outside if you feel they need refreshing.

- Never scrub Grandma with harsh cleansers

- Take her to the doctor if she gets sick
Just as we contact a doctor for medical advice, we should contact a quilt conservator for repairs and extensive care instructions.

- Don't eat on Grandma or hug her if you are dirty

- Never let the dog jump on Grandma or the cat scratch her

Treat both with love and respect and be sure to enjoy!

Courtesy of
Mary Kerr
AQS Certified Appraiser
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