News from Girtie -

Girtie's has been going through a lot of changes and is continuing down that path. In this time of fast accerleration into the future, I have decided that we are going to try and keep up with all the new and exciting things that are happening. Working on new techniques, improved equipment, and getting the most for our dollar. We are going to look to the future but remember our past. Enjoy what we have learned and apply it to the projects that we will present in the future.

Girtie's will be offering ideas that might be out of your comfort zone with a slight twist that you will find interesting and exciting. There will always be the customer that resists too much change and that is okay because we will cater to your needs as well. Quilting is quilting and if you have a passion for it you just might be tempted to step out and try something new and exciting.

There are lots of plans in the works for the future here in our corner of the quilting world. If you are on my email list you will be kept up to date with the changes as they are happening or the planning stages of what we hope to happen until it become a reality. I am looking forward to the future we have together in this wonderful creative world we call Girtie's.