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Happy New Year's Everyone - For Girtie's 2016 was one unpredictable year. Good times and bad times rolled together to cause quite the slow. The icing on the cake was when Girtie herself ended up in the hospital and then on IV meds at home until the end of December. Due to that the Quilter's Holiday II 2017 has been cancelled.

Mark Lipinski our very gracious National Speaker has given us the opportunity to reschedule at a later date, which we will be taking full advantage of. You will be the first to know when this good time is going to happen. All our speakers have been more than understanding and supportive. Their very generous offer to come another time to share their talents and humor with us all. Again, I say keep a watch out for undated information on our website.

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Open House & Pre-inventory Sale - Sat. January 21, 2017


See our new classroom • Meet the new teachers • Get the new class schedule • Sno-joke sale prices!

I am pleased to announce our Pre-Inventory Sale on Saturday Jan 21, 10am til 4pm at Girtie's Open House with the New Class Schedule and the New Classroom, and New Teachers with all the wonderful class Samples on display. It will be a wonderful day with refreshments and great conversations of what is next to come at Girtie's.

The Pre-Inventory Sale will delight and Surprise you! Sno-Joke prices slashed most everything will be marked to go. We all Look forward to seeing you this week. You will be surprised at what we have to offer!

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Upcoming Classes

Spring class schedule posted soon!